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Greg Davis

Safety Manager

We are a large construction company doing a freeway expansion on I-15 North Bound by Salt Lake City, Utah. We set up a laydown yard and field office along with an electrical company working on the project with us. The area we set up in has a medium to high crime and drug rate and we needed a good security system.

We got a camera security trailer from Camera Security Trailers.  The trailer system came with 9 mobile camera units. We set them up around the lay down yard, by the electrical company yard and the office area.

During the holidays we had the job shut down and when we returned the electrical company had noticed some rolls of copper wire and gas can missing. We reviewed the camera footage and saw one individual stealing a gas can and one individual stealing copper wire but on two different days. They made the mistake of driving their vehicles on site and the cameras got perfect pictures of the vehicles license plate numbers and great pictures of the individuals (even smiling lol). We turned over the pictures to the local police department and they citied the one individual who took the gas can. The other individual who stole the wire was arrested for theft from the jobsite and they also had outstanding warrants.

Hope they enjoy their holidays. Crime doesn’t pay when you have a great security system

Thank you Camera Security Trailers.

We have been extremely pleased with CST security system! The motion detectors paired with the cameras makes a unique product.

The second week we had our trailer on site we deterred a robbery. The man entered through a blind spot we had (we had not finished setting up all the motion detectors yet) and while he was headed out the main gate, the sensors got him! With an electrical spider box in his hand, the sirens went off and he dropped it right then and there, at the gate and never came back.

I got a phone call from dispatch as the theft was happening. I was able to go back through the videos and watch it all happen!

We are very impressed.

Thank you!


Caleb Moravec
Project Manager

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Ryan Barton

Project Manager

We struggled with thefts and vandalism on a job site. 

We tried boarding up the worksite and adding trail cameras.  Nothing seemed to deter the thieves and vandals. 

We found CST security trailers and were very happy with the product. We received a trailer that came with multiple cameras we could set up around the site. 

After we received the trailer we have NOT had any issues with thieves or vandals! 

This ultimately has saved us thousands of dollars and multiple man hours. 

Customer service was excellent whenever we had a question or concern. 

Apps were easy to use and easy to understand. 

I highly recommend CST products and services to anyone needing security on a job site.

Having Camera Security Trailers is a very effective tool in deterring crime on my jobsite.

Having the security system on our jobsite stopped multiple burglaries from happening.

Another benefit of having this security system is that it allowed me to observe the jobsite 24/7.

This allowed me to keep track of who was there on the weekends.

The camera security system allowed me to customize the security I needed for the different phases of the job. For example, when we received supplies that we weren't quite ready to use, we were able to use the motion caption cameras to help keep the supplies more secure.

Whenever there was an incident on the jobsite the security call service was prompt and I was notified immediately and was able to take care of the problem within minutes of it happening.

I would highly recommend Camera Security Trailers to anyone who needs a mobile and customizable security system for their jobsite. 

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Ian Vick

Project Manager

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Ian Warnke


This trailer has been in South Carolina since

June 2019 and has been through 2 hurricanes.


Text sent March 2021.

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