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Parking Lot

Camera Security Systems

Did you know that over a 4-year period, 2.4 million crimes happened in parking lots or garages as reported by the Bureau of Justice Statistics? 


Should you be doing something to reduce

liability exposure?

"Parking is one of the greatest

areas of liability for a property owner"

stated Sean Ahrens,

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Do your customers feel safe in your parking lots?

Set Up is Super Simple

  • Simple to operate! 

  • 25-foot-high mast is hydraulic and goes up with the push of a button. 

  • Solar array adjusts with the push of a button. 

  • Battery bank will power easily through a week of zero sunshine. 

  • Numerous safeguards against cut cable, tow away attempts or extreme weather. 

Camera Security Trailers 
has designed and engineered
the most versatile, rugged
camera security trailer
on the market today.
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Yes, it is a trailer with cameras on it,

but our trailers also incorporate a

full burglar/security system

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Parking lot camera security trailers

help reduce exposure to lawsuits

Owners of parking lots and garages have huge risks of crime happening

on their property

Shoppers will shy away from areas that appear unsafe

Holiday shopping is the most active time for thieves to target parking areas

The trend is to place camera trailers in parking lots because they provide:

  • Highly visible security presence which is an effective deterrent for crime

  • Evidence to assist in capturing criminals or resolving problems that occurred on the lot

  • Security personnel  the ability to watch over large areas

Parking lot camera trailers are cost effective. If a security camera system was not installed at the time the parking lot was built, retrofitting with conventional security cameras can be very costly. Using solar powered parking lot camera trailers are less expensive to install after the fact.

Parking Lot Camera trailers demonstrate a visible effort on the part of management to provide an increased level of security for their customers. When customers feel safe, they will shop longer and return more regularly.

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